Your Face Changes In Different Lighting

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This is a small collection of clips taken from a music video called Sparkles and Wine by Opale. The different angled lighting clearly demonstrates how dramatically your face changes, even the colour changes the mood of the look as well. It’s an amazing few clips in my opinion. I thought it would be a good little share.

I have embedded the original music video below:

Stan Lee is The Man

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Stan Lee + 5 Second Films = Awesome…

Water just got interesting…

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On the 22nd of Apirl 2013 YouTube channel Zogrim published this little video.

Ever Wanted to Know What it is Like to Be An Eagle?

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It seems like someone strapped on a GoPro to an Eagle and got it to fly around, what a silly idea! Who has ever wondered what it was like to fly like a bird? It’s not like there are songs suggesting that very thing! Anyway, check out the video, it truly amazing. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing that kind of footage on the ol’ telebox.

Awesome Timelapses of Bristol

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An awesome timelapse montage of Bristol

Work Xmas Bowling Video

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