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A work colleague and his girlfriend have set up a blog on film photography, covering different methods and techniques. It’s a new blog but already really interesting to read. I really recommend it!

Map of the Internet

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Ever wanted to see a visual representation of the internet and it’s traffic from 2011? The Internet Map does just that. It has coloured the 350 thousand websites into countries and the size based on the website traffic. Its quite amazing to look at.

Below is the key for the colours that represent the country, some of it maybe questionable. (Red for Russian, yellow for China?)


A ‘Brief’ Video Explaining How Codecs Work

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A 45min video that explains the different aspects of codecs, like bit depth, long-gop and bit rate. Worth a watch.


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Apparently ECS LIVA Mini PC Kit is a very small PC that can run Windows 8.1, for under $200. Sounds like a posh version of a Raspberry Pi. Would make an awesome PLEX client for my set up at home.

TechPowerUp reviewed the product, you should check out their conclusion on their review.

Astronauts Are Mentally Changed After Being In Space

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The video was created by a group called Planetary Collective who, to paraphrase their site a bit, area group of filmmakers working with cosmologists, ecologists, and philosophers to highlight big questions.

To summaries the video, when Astronauts go to space they have a overview of the whole planet. Once it happens they have this profound feeling of being connect to the planet and how it is protecting us from the void of space, noting that if the planet becomes, as the video puts it, sick we become sick. This phenomenon is be dubbed the Overview effect.

It’s quite a long video, but it is worth a watch.

Vimeo Link:

Restored 1960s NASA Photos

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NASA had released restored photos of the first 1950s space program, Mercury, and the second 1960s program, Gemini. The photographs have captured some of the amazing steps that lead to the 1969 moon landing, such as the first every space walk, first rendezvous of spacecrafts and the first ever docking. Have a look through the photos as the quality is outstanding, just download the original 4410×4600 pixel size and admire the detail. Click on the image bellow to see what I mean!

Gemini VI-A and it’s first rendezvous.


Here are some photos of Astronaut Ed White on his Gemini 4 spacewalk, making him the first man to do a space walk. He was photographed by his co-pilot Jim McDivitt. Unfortunately Ed White died in a rehearsal of the launch countdown procedure for the Apollo program. had done an article about the same link.

Amazing Snowflake Photos Done Right

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Amazing Snowflake Photos Done Right

An email went around work today and had this link attached within it. It explains how the Russian photographer, Alexey Kljatov, creates amazing snowflake photos. He basically botchs together his Helios lens to his Canon A650, allowing him to do marco photos on snowflakes. Here are some examples taken from the blog in question.

2D and 3D Content for Websites. Is it Voodoo magic?

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A friend at work linked me to Voodoo. It adds 3D elements into your website using javascript. What’s even better is that you can download the code and add it to your own website. I hope that this gets used for frequently, love to see it being used correctly.


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Like riddles? Check out weffriddles. You have to decipher it’s html based riddles to work out the next page’s url. Very cool… and very frustrating!

The Quietest Place on Earth Will Drive You Insane Within 45 Minutes

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Did you ever think that blocking out 99% of all external sound would make you mad?

What the fuck has NASA done to make your life awesome?

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I think the title explains itself really. Pretty interesting when you find out what they have developed.

The Theory of Pixar Movies Timeline

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Buzzfeed have another great article, but this time it’s deciphering film connections. It claims that the last 14 Pixar movies share the same timeline. Have a look for yourself.

If you liked that, here is another, but this time its the connections between films with Leoardo Dicaprio characters: Check it out.