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Map of the Internet

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Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.06.56

Ever wanted to see a visual representation of the internet and it’s traffic from 2011? The Internet Map does just that. It has coloured the 350 thousand websites into countries and the size based on the website traffic. Its quite amazing to look at.

Below is the key for the colours that represent the country, some of it maybe questionable. (Red for Russian, yellow for China?)


Best USB stick ever! #USB #vscocam

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Cracking out this bad boy #35mm #vscocam

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#8hours #vscocam

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#Dragonforce @ #thekla – #vscocam

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Amazing Water & Sound Experiment #2

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A ‘Brief’ Video Explaining How Codecs Work

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A 45min video that explains the different aspects of codecs, like bit depth, long-gop and bit rate. Worth a watch.


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Apparently ECS LIVA Mini PC Kit is a very small PC that can run Windows 8.1, for under $200. Sounds like a posh version of a Raspberry Pi. Would make an awesome PLEX client for my set up at home.

TechPowerUp reviewed the product, you should check out their conclusion on their review.

Want to Find Nerdy Day Trips? Look No Further!

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Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 12.30.18

There has many a time when I couldn’t think of anything to do during a weekend. I’ve personally googled ‘things to do in…’ too many times. But I stumbled upon this little gem… a site showing nerdy day trips. Brilliant!

Your Face Changes In Different Lighting

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This is a small collection of clips taken from a music video called Sparkles and Wine by Opale. The different angled lighting clearly demonstrates how dramatically your face changes, even the colour changes the mood of the look as well. It’s an amazing few clips in my opinion. I thought it would be a good little share.

I have embedded the original music video below: